Kidnapped boy escapes


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You would have to be thankful to a higher power if your child was kidnapped and was later released because he irritated the kidnapper.

Yesterday morning I was on my way to work and got stuck in a huge DC traffic jam. I started flipping radio stations and I came upon a station that had the DJ’s discussing a boy who was abducted and later released by the kidnapper after several hours. This story hit me hard because I feel for anyone who has a child that is abducted.

I normally don’t listen to this type of music station, which was gospel, but the story that was told impelled me to go out to the internet and find out who this boy was, listen to his song and hear the complete story on the internet. I had some doubt that the story was even true. The song that the boy said he sang was “Every Praise” by Hezekiah Walker. As the story goes, the boy stated that he kept singing the song over and over again until the Kidnapper stopped the car and told the boy to get out miles away from his home. The song is about God,  no matter what God you believe.

When I arrived home late last night I went searching for the story on the internet and found the story. For some reason when I viewed the video it brought tears to my eyes. I have kids and the happy ending was what a parent would want to see if their child was ever kidnapped. I am still in somewhat disbelief but ask you to view this video and provide your thoughts.

Should it really be this hard

Perhaps you have wondered what has gone wrong

It seems that in this class I have not been strong

But after reading the blog about bloggers block

I realize it is because during the day I am on the clock

Yes indeed what some my say is way to long

You see without access to the world seems wrong

At the end of the day when it is time to write I have this thing called writers block

When I get home and realize all that I have missed including today’s top news stories while on the clock

As a result I have decided to take some advice using some suggestions found on a website that was strong

That is to take a walk during the day to overcome that writers block


Read between the lines

This week I had one goal on my mind and that was to be successful at creating a blog. My determination to get a handle on this was because, for the first few weeks of class I felt clumsy and did not really understand what this was all about. Although reminded me of what I thought was ways to build a webpage, I was not feeling it was working for me. It seemed very difficult because every attempt at the previous assignments for me resulted in posts that seemed to vanish. Thank goodness for a professor who is willing to work with a student who has be fumbling through a class.

My eureka moment came when I was able successfully post my blog. Seems like it all boils down to reading between the lines.  And boy there is a lot of reading.  My best part of this learning experience was the Help option which for some reason I could not find when I initially started working on the class assignments. I looked everywhere for the help capability but could not find it.

To top it off I actually received  comments about pictures on my blog. Now all I have to do is work on explaining my stories in the beginning, middle,  and end format.

Therefore I’ll say that in the beginning I was really confused and totally unprepared for this type of learning experience.

It is now the middle of class and I am just working through the beginning items like blogging, tagging,  adding images and adding links behind text which so far is my favorite.

Finally, I hope that I can make it to the end of class and be able to do what others are doing.


Reading is fundamental to trying to learn something new!

Week 3 – I think I may have found my way


This is a gallery of photos taken with an iPhone from the perspective of light which I felt made an interesting assignment. I had significant difficulty at first getting started with using the iPhone because it is my employer provided iPhone and I had only used it for accessing my work email.  If you are thinking that I am non-technical you are incorrect, I am just not interested in gadgets and didn’t think it was necessary to use it for taking pictures. Besides, I have an inexpensive digital camera that I use for picture taking.  I also decided to take the advice from our professor to use an iPhone. Taking the pictures went fine, however I had difficulty uploading the photos to my PC because it was the first time for me.  I was expecting it to be a little more user friendly. Just like when I plug my iPhone into my iMac, the computer immediately syncs everything up.

The gallery contains a several pictures including one of my favorite place to visit, Chocolate World at Hershey Park. It also as 2 photos of showing the light from the stoop of my house based on the previous assignment using thirds. A photo from inside of the house that has a glow of light coming from the outside. A picture of light taken while laying down of the staircase to the basement, a picture of an Aliens hand in the light taken from the tv screen of a movie that my husband was watching,  and picture of a shadow which was produced by shining a light on an object in my house.

There was no real reason why I chose to take these types of pictures from the perspective of light other than the assignment asked to take a picture in bright light and  unfortunately when I stated taking pictures there weren’t many ways I could think of where bright lights were available because it was a dreary day and my house doesn’t have many windows or lights that are very bright.


From a distance


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The picturesque intersection under the horizon on the East coast in what appears to be a cold winter day. The trees in the distance have no foliage. Look a little closer and you can see just to the left of the column there are blades of green grass. Could this be a sign that the East coast is finally done with what appears to have been one of the longest winters which I have lived through in a very long time.

This week was a mess!

I would love to be able to understand what I need to be doing in this class. My weekly schedule is such that my days begin at 4 am and I don’t get home until 7 PM.  I wish I had access to the internet during the day so that I could spend at least lunch parsing through my required readings and assignments.

Friday, I figured out that my personal Mac book Pro had some security protections on it that prevented me from being able to see  some of the videos.  I thought that  they were just pictures as thats what they appeared like.  I fell asleep while waiting for the Photo shop  Layering video to load and was awaken by the voice of a man on my Mac book.  Funny that I heard the sound but for some reason the video was not there.

I have now resorted to using only my employer provided computer which has a small screen and not very ergonomic at all. With the dry eye problems I sometimes have this is going to be a real challenge.

Ok, I did get something out of this week which was the 3  techniques you can use when producing audio to show paragraphs: quiet interview with a lead in question, actual tape while doing something with the sound and actual tape while talking. 






Storytelling is a series of events which have actionable items that play on a persons emotions. Stories can be images, audio, video, or written. They are created by someone who desires to share information or an experience which could be fiction or non-fiction.

Cliff is gone

On last weeks episode of Surviver, Cliff a tall former basketball player on the Braun team thought that he had a strong alliance with certain tribal  team members. Cliff’s team the Braun had successfully won many challenges. After the three teams were combined  into two teams Cliff quickly found out that he didn’t really have an alliance because he was quickly voted off the island. The tribe felt that he would be too strong of a member when the tribes merge so he had to go.


Hershey Park

Hershey Park

Welcome to Security tips 101. Your one stop shop on protecting your home computer.  You will find information and tricks on all that security stuff that your vender won’t tell you and you really need to know.

This is my first Post.  It was a little difficult  for me to get going because I got lost in the reading because my old eyes did not take a liking to the colors as I felt they were distracting.