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I have been trying to figure out this assignment for some time now. It finally connected when I read the course materials in the daylight. My problem was resolved when I took several days vacation off from work and used natural daylight to read instead of indoor light at night in a dark house after a long day of work. Gotta get those old eyes checked. I was so hungry when I went to flickr and the burger looked so good thus my five card story. Check it out.

Five Card Story: No eating while driving: U think!

a Five Card Flickr story created by youblueit

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flickr photo by bionicteaching

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flickr photo by bionicteaching

I was soooo hungry and decided to get a bite to eat. Boy was I wrong. I didn’t realize it was against the law to eat or drink while driving in my home state until the policeman tried to pull me over. Thats when I wrecked my car.

Visaviewl – Make it old


For this visual assignment, I took a a picture in the study hall and changed the color of the table to sepia to give a modern table an old fashioned look. I also cropped separated the table and cropped it from the original image. In the process I learned how to use a free program on the net to change image effects. No more photoshop for me when I can use what is free.


Back in d day

Back in d day

Just say no or you may emotionally fail and think you have to fall

Providing thoughts on sounds was very cool. The story, Falling reminded me of the back in the day before television, how radio was one of the entertainments of choice. I chose Falling a very traumatic, shocking story that used sounds like narration, sound effects and music to provide me with the experience which right away pulled me into the story. It was memorizing to listen to the sounds of people, trains, music to first get my interest then get me emotionally involved at the thought of just trying to understand how the main charter Ann who saved someone life just did’t have the nerve to tell the guy, Lewis that she was’t really interested in him. Although there were other voices in the audio it was the two main characters conversations which I found myself listening to. The audio that created the story was very instrumental in arousing my emotions. The types of sounds that created the story were voices, music and sound effects. In the beginning the narration provided the gist of the friends horsing around on a train platform. The voices layered with the train sound immediately brought you to the location, had it not been heard you may not have know that fact. There were differing sound like the sounds of the voices getting louder before Ann jumped which pulled me into the story in an emotional way. I felt that she was weak person. It was at the point I found myself saying “No!” out laud. The layer of sounds used in the cooking scene provided the location of the apartment. The layer of the heart monitor was also used to change the scene to the hospital. Layering was effective in scene changing. The sounds of the music crescendo created excitement. The different sounds were effective in providing visualization while listening. It felt like I was actually either watching a movie or inside the story. This story had a strong impact on me because of how well the audio was constructed to make me experience the story. While I am not an avid movie watcher I plan on next time paying close attention to the sounds to see if movies do the same thing.

Relaxin my way



After working on the final project it seems like I am finally getting it. This was my first sound post that was in draft. I couldn’t figure out how to get it posted. After working on the project I remembered that I wasn’t using the application correctly. I think I was so stressed out that the readings and videos where just going over my head. This music is Sooooo…. relaxing. Enjoy!

Coming down the home stretch and I finally think I have a topic

Finally, I have begun trying to work on the final project. I feel like Thomas the train as “I think I can, I think I can”. Yes I think I can do this after all.

I believe a great primary care physician becomes great because it is in their heart to help others. They don’t think of how much money they are going to make after finishing medical school. They think about how they are going to help people. My project choice centers around the topic of cyber security which is near and dear to my heart.
Here is one of the video commercials which I found while surfing the internet as part of the final project. I think it will work well for one of the requirements of the final project.

My Ellie – Is it time for the new car?

I had to figure out what was a good story to tell for the combining sounds assignment. This was not only difficult for me the novice this semester, but because I seemed to be having difficulty in doing every assignment this semester it was down right hard.   Although I was very frustrated, I was determined that I could figure this assignment out once and for all. Well, this part of week five assignment did not go to well in the begginning for me as I got in a little trouble because somehow I downloaded some malware on the company issued laptop.  Luckily for me the helpdesk was totally understanding and was able to get rid of the malware. So sit back and listen to the sound story and decide if it is time for a new car.

These are sounds which I found on the internet but equate to what my vehicle is putting me through. I call her Ellie but at 7 years old she is kind of working on making me want to trade her in on a new one.
The five sounds which I chose tell the story of how I opened the car door, put the key in the ignition, stared the car without the success which I normally have, I got out of the car, opened the hood, couldn’t see anything wrong, I then tried starting Ellie again and on the second try it was Wolla! she started like a charm. By the way I made it to work on time.

Week 5 – A virus….how could this happen?

ihadenoughLast week while trying to complete my assignment I downloaded malicious code to my work laptop. I have always been very apprehensive in using my employer provided laptop for assignments which required me to download applications but for some strange reason I decided to take the chance.  I think the transfer may have occurred during the download from either Sound cloud or Audacity. Because after I downloaded the applications my computer started acting strange. I initially panicked as I have never had a virus on any of my computers before and this being the my first time having this happened really alarmed me.  I was finally able to get my computer to the technical help desk at work and they were able to clean off the malware.

Not sure if anyone else in the class had the same or a similar issue and if so hope you were able to recover from it.

I spent the latter part of the week getting acquainted with my iMac using iMovie and Guitarband which  surprisingly I found much easier to use than Audacity and Soundcloud.

Relax and enjoy

Another hectic week with no time time to relax. I clearly remember the days when I was able to fit work, family, me-time and sleep into a typical day. That was before I had a laptop and the convenience of internet access at home. This week I spent time once again trying to figure out how to complete the weekly assignment. I keep saying to myself this blogging thing is not for me. Am I losing it or is time to relax?

I would actually say that it is time to take a deep breath and relax. While searching for a sound  for this weeks assignment I came accross my favorite type of music, classical. Oh how I rememger that I used to be a violinist until I went off to college. I enjoyed playing and listening to classical music as a kid becaure it was so relaxing to me and it was a time which I felt I could quitely reflect on things and myself. Boy, do I miss it. While listening to the sounds which I chose for the assgnment  I began to reflect and yes relax.  As a result I figured out how to do the first part of the assignment.

I guess it may seem strange but the fast pace which in our world is moving perhaps due to technology seems to not work for some of us. I seem to get lost when things move to fast. But now that I have remembered what makes me slow down and enjoy work, family, me-time and being able to sleep. I think that I can relax.