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How long did it take you to learn how to create a movie. I feel like Thomas the Train. All I wanted to do is learn something about creating a movie. I finally figured it out. The only issue was that my video wasn’t really that great but I accomplished what I think is the greatest thing for me in DS106. It may not be pretty but I learned how to add titles, music, and voices all in one video. This was by far the most frustrating class I had ever taken but being able to tell my computer story with some of the things learned in class was like getting a scoop of my favorite ice-cream after fasting for a month. What I learned, I can’t wait to work on my Family reunion video that I can now create using the photos and videos from years past. I know my Dad will be so proud of me. I plan on posting it as soon as I get it completed in DS106 for everyone to see.
What a great experience after all. DS106 you Rock!

Check out my video.