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IMG_0139As I look back on what I learned about pictures in week 4 it seems pictures can definitely tell a story. I realize now that people see things differently through there individual eyes. That is what makes what I think is a great photographer as they can capture in a picture nature, angles, colors and shapes, using light, different types of lens and camera features that can actually result in a great story. I could have and really wanted to be a photographer when I was about 10 years old. I actually took some great pictures back then. As an adult I don’t seem to have that perspective anymore as in the case of my photos which I took in week 4. I realize now I should have taken pictures that showed a story through my eyes that would make a person want to finish what the picture is trying to tell and even ask follow on questions. My biggest take away in week 4 is that I need to start appreciating things around me and when I do take photos ask myself what story could I create or design using this picture or group of pictures that can have a lasting impact to the viewer or win a trophy or perhaps money or make someone happy that they have a treasure.