In the Washington DC metropolitan area there are several forms of public transportation including bus, rail, metro (train) and even a bike share program Each of the surrounding communities have their own form of transportation as well. Northern Virginia has a system called VRE (Virginia Railway express). While of these are different transportation system and looking at the logos each appear to has created to appeal to the audience in there own special way. According to research Virginia chose to use its state colors (red) when it created its logo. I thought to myself they probably didn’t realize that red is a color that shows warmth. They also chose a diamond shape where the font is not easy to see while driving which is bad as defined by the definition of Typography or the visual part of the words word.
This was the most difficult to get really close as the reason it is so blurry.

Maryland chose a font that actually looks like a train and has the color of orange which is also a warm color. They also created the logo with the color Blue which is a cool color that is associated with calmness, trust, and professionalism. Hey, it is expensive to ride and most of the people who use it are professionals who live in the suburbs.

Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority(WMTA) chose the color Black and White and this says a lot because the color black is associated with power, elegance, formality, and fits well with the many people who commute into work to Capital Hill.

Typography “is the visual component of the written word” – It is the form in which text is displayed, and the characteristics of the type used- Is san serif always better? why or why not? What do aspects of font weight, style, spacing, kerning have to do with how a message is transmitted and received?

Virginia Railway Express

Virginia Railway Express

Metropolitan Washington DC  number one people mover

Metropolitan Washington DC number one people mover

Maryland's Public Rail System

Maryland’s Public Rail System