I have been trying to figure out this assignment for some time now. It finally connected when I read the course materials in the daylight. My problem was resolved when I took several days vacation off from work and used natural daylight to read instead of indoor light at night in a dark house after a long day of work. Gotta get those old eyes checked. I was so hungry when I went to flickr and the burger looked so good thus my five card story. Check it out.

Five Card Story: No eating while driving: U think!

a Five Card Flickr story created by youblueit

flickr photo by @DrGarcia

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flickr photo by bionicteaching

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flickr photo by bionicteaching

I was soooo hungry and decided to get a bite to eat. Boy was I wrong. I didn’t realize it was against the law to eat or drink while driving in my home state until the policeman tried to pull me over. Thats when I wrecked my car.