No one ever took pictures of me as a baby. Growing up, as the fifth of the six children in my family, I was the only one who did not have a baby picture. In fact the first picture of me was when I was 3 years old. Everyone else had pictures during the early days of less that 1 month old.

When I was in sixth grade I decided to sell cards to aunts, uncles, and neighbors so that I could purchase a camera. I felt that I wanted to explore photography since there were very few pictures of me and I needed a camera of my own. I reached the card sales goal, was able to get a camera and used it for about two months. My oldest sister who was in high school at the time took my camera on her senior class trip and lost it. I was so devastated, because she never asked to borrow it. There was no way to get another camera at the time.

I still had an interest in photography but every time I got a new camera something would always go wrong. Like suntan lotion spilled out in my beach bag and ruined my next camera. My current camera shutter window won’t close even when it is in the off position so I had to use the iPhone for this assignment

Well, this assignment made me think of how much I wanted to be a photographer as a kid. Never got there but here is my photos from around the house.