Providing thoughts on sounds was very cool. The story, Falling reminded me of the back in the day before television, how radio was one of the entertainments of choice. I chose Falling a very traumatic, shocking story that used sounds like narration, sound effects and music to provide me with the experience which right away pulled me into the story. It was memorizing to listen to the sounds of people, trains, music to first get my interest then get me emotionally involved at the thought of just trying to understand how the main charter Ann who saved someone life just did’t have the nerve to tell the guy, Lewis that she was’t really interested in him. Although there were other voices in the audio it was the two main characters conversations which I found myself listening to. The audio that created the story was very instrumental in arousing my emotions. The types of sounds that created the story were voices, music and sound effects. In the beginning the narration provided the gist of the friends horsing around on a train platform. The voices layered with the train sound immediately brought you to the location, had it not been heard you may not have know that fact. There were differing sound like the sounds of the voices getting louder before Ann jumped which pulled me into the story in an emotional way. I felt that she was weak person. It was at the point I found myself saying “No!” out laud. The layer of sounds used in the cooking scene provided the location of the apartment. The layer of the heart monitor was also used to change the scene to the hospital. Layering was effective in scene changing. The sounds of the music crescendo created excitement. The different sounds were effective in providing visualization while listening. It felt like I was actually either watching a movie or inside the story. This story had a strong impact on me because of how well the audio was constructed to make me experience the story. While I am not an avid movie watcher I plan on next time paying close attention to the sounds to see if movies do the same thing.