I had to figure out what was a good story to tell for the combining sounds assignment. This was not only difficult for me the novice this semester, but because I seemed to be having difficulty in doing every assignment this semester it was down right hard.   Although I was very frustrated, I was determined that I could figure this assignment out once and for all. Well, this part of week five assignment did not go to well in the begginning for me as I got in a little trouble because somehow I downloaded some malware on the company issued laptop.  Luckily for me the helpdesk was totally understanding and was able to get rid of the malware. So sit back and listen to the sound story and decide if it is time for a new car.

These are sounds which I found on the internet but equate to what my vehicle is putting me through. I call her Ellie but at 7 years old she is kind of working on making me want to trade her in on a new one.
The five sounds which I chose tell the story of how I opened the car door, put the key in the ignition, stared the car without the success which I normally have, I got out of the car, opened the hood, couldn’t see anything wrong, I then tried starting Ellie again and on the second try it was Wolla! she started like a charm. By the way I made it to work on time.