ihadenoughLast week while trying to complete my assignment I downloaded malicious code to my work laptop. I have always been very apprehensive in using my employer provided laptop for assignments which required me to download applications but for some strange reason I decided to take the chance.  I think the transfer may have occurred during the download from either Sound cloud or Audacity. Because after I downloaded the applications my computer started acting strange. I initially panicked as I have never had a virus on any of my computers before and this being the my first time having this happened really alarmed me.  I was finally able to get my computer to the technical help desk at work and they were able to clean off the malware.

Not sure if anyone else in the class had the same or a similar issue and if so hope you were able to recover from it.

I spent the latter part of the week getting acquainted with my iMac using iMovie and Guitarband which  surprisingly I found much easier to use than Audacity and Soundcloud.