Another hectic week with no time time to relax. I clearly remember the days when I was able to fit work, family, me-time and sleep into a typical day. That was before I had a laptop and the convenience of internet access at home. This week I spent time once again trying to figure out how to complete the weekly assignment. I keep saying to myself this blogging thing is not for me. Am I losing it or is time to relax?

I would actually say that it is time to take a deep breath and relax. While searching for a sound  for this weeks assignment I came accross my favorite type of music, classical. Oh how I rememger that I used to be a violinist until I went off to college. I enjoyed playing and listening to classical music as a kid becaure it was so relaxing to me and it was a time which I felt I could quitely reflect on things and myself. Boy, do I miss it. While listening to the sounds which I chose for the assgnment  I began to reflect and yes relax.  As a result I figured out how to do the first part of the assignment.

I guess it may seem strange but the fast pace which in our world is moving perhaps due to technology seems to not work for some of us. I seem to get lost when things move to fast. But now that I have remembered what makes me slow down and enjoy work, family, me-time and being able to sleep. I think that I can relax.