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You would have to be thankful to a higher power if your child was kidnapped and was later released because he irritated the kidnapper.

Yesterday morning I was on my way to work and got stuck in a huge DC traffic jam. I started flipping radio stations and I came upon a station that had the DJ’s discussing a boy who was abducted and later released by the kidnapper after several hours. This story hit me hard because I feel for anyone who has a child that is abducted.

I normally don’t listen to this type of music station, which was gospel, but the story that was told impelled me to go out to the internet and find out who this boy was, listen to his song and hear the complete story on the internet. I had some doubt that the story was even true. The song that the boy said he sang was “Every Praise” by Hezekiah Walker. As the story goes, the boy stated that he kept singing the song over and over again until the Kidnapper stopped the car and told the boy to get out miles away from his home. The song is about God,  no matter what God you believe.

When I arrived home late last night I went searching for the story on the internet and found the story. For some reason when I viewed the video it brought tears to my eyes. I have kids and the happy ending was what a parent would want to see if their child was ever kidnapped. I am still in somewhat disbelief but ask you to view this video and provide your thoughts.