This week I had one goal on my mind and that was to be successful at creating a blog. My determination to get a handle on this was because, for the first few weeks of class I felt clumsy and did not really understand what this was all about. Although reminded me of what I thought was ways to build a webpage, I was not feeling it was working for me. It seemed very difficult because every attempt at the previous assignments for me resulted in posts that seemed to vanish. Thank goodness for a professor who is willing to work with a student who has be fumbling through a class.

My eureka moment came when I was able successfully post my blog. Seems like it all boils down to reading between the lines.  And boy there is a lot of reading.  My best part of this learning experience was the Help option which for some reason I could not find when I initially started working on the class assignments. I looked everywhere for the help capability but could not find it.

To top it off I actually received  comments about pictures on my blog. Now all I have to do is work on explaining my stories in the beginning, middle,  and end format.

Therefore I’ll say that in the beginning I was really confused and totally unprepared for this type of learning experience.

It is now the middle of class and I am just working through the beginning items like blogging, tagging,  adding images and adding links behind text which so far is my favorite.

Finally, I hope that I can make it to the end of class and be able to do what others are doing.


Reading is fundamental to trying to learn something new!