This is a gallery of photos taken with an iPhone from the perspective of light which I felt made an interesting assignment. I had significant difficulty at first getting started with using the iPhone because it is my employer provided iPhone and I had only used it for accessing my work email.  If you are thinking that I am non-technical you are incorrect, I am just not interested in gadgets and didn’t think it was necessary to use it for taking pictures. Besides, I have an inexpensive digital camera that I use for picture taking.  I also decided to take the advice from our professor to use an iPhone. Taking the pictures went fine, however I had difficulty uploading the photos to my PC because it was the first time for me.  I was expecting it to be a little more user friendly. Just like when I plug my iPhone into my iMac, the computer immediately syncs everything up.

The gallery contains a several pictures including one of my favorite place to visit, Chocolate World at Hershey Park. It also as 2 photos of showing the light from the stoop of my house based on the previous assignment using thirds. A photo from inside of the house that has a glow of light coming from the outside. A picture of light taken while laying down of the staircase to the basement, a picture of an Aliens hand in the light taken from the tv screen of a movie that my husband was watching,  and picture of a shadow which was produced by shining a light on an object in my house.

There was no real reason why I chose to take these types of pictures from the perspective of light other than the assignment asked to take a picture in bright light and  unfortunately when I stated taking pictures there weren’t many ways I could think of where bright lights were available because it was a dreary day and my house doesn’t have many windows or lights that are very bright.