I would love to be able to understand what I need to be doing in this class. My weekly schedule is such that my days begin at 4 am and I don’t get home until 7 PM.  I wish I had access to the internet during the day so that I could spend at least lunch parsing through my required readings and assignments.

Friday, I figured out that my personal Mac book Pro had some security protections on it that prevented me from being able to see  some of the videos.  I thought that  they were just pictures as thats what they appeared like.  I fell asleep while waiting for the Photo shop  Layering video to load and was awaken by the voice of a man on my Mac book.  Funny that I heard the sound but for some reason the video was not there.

I have now resorted to using only my employer provided computer which has a small screen and not very ergonomic at all. With the dry eye problems I sometimes have this is going to be a real challenge.

Ok, I did get something out of this week which was the 3  techniques you can use when producing audio to show paragraphs: quiet interview with a lead in question, actual tape while doing something with the sound and actual tape while talking.